About Lauri Kent



After a successful 17 year career in the Glass Art business in North Houston, Lauri chose real estate in North Houston as a wonderful opportunity to work with interesting people from throughout the world who lead exciting and dynamic lives.  She was born in Louisiana and moved to Houston in 1964.  As a top multi-million dollar producer, she knows her territory and is eager to apply her knowledge to assist her clients. 

International Experience

Having lived in United Arab Emirates, India, West Africa and South Africa as an expat, she is at ease working with international clientele.  Buyers and sellers of fine properties rely on her integrity, intelligence and ability to navigate them through every step of a transaction with valuable information. Lauri also uses the latest statistics to establish trends at the market place. Clients truly appreciate Lauri's candidness in her analyses which enable them to make wise, well informed decisions.

Part of her talent lies in being able to see the potential of a property that might otherwise go unnoticed. Feel free to give her a call at 936-447-6000 to set up a one-on-one consultation, or for a showing of the real estate properties that she has available.  You can also reach her with any real estate questions that you may have through her Contact Us page. 



About James Kent

James's understanding of exceptional client services stems from his years of real estate investing and working for a client based services company. From Oil & Gas to family real estate, James understands the need for quality real estate representation. Today, as designated Realtor specializing in the North Houston market in Texas, James couldn't ask for a more exciting job. "It’s a great feeling to live and work in an area with so many real estate opportunities. I was born and raised in the north Houston Area, and every day I gain a greater understanding for all that the Greater Houston Area has to offer." As a fulltime agent James's approach to any real estate transaction is geared towards getting to know his clients and taking care of them from beginning to end. James believes “There is no better feeling than owning your own home and the ability to provide for you (and others) through appreciating real estate investments is invaluable. I really enjoy being able to put time & energy into helping people make sound decisions with real estate investments".


About Sherri Rose

Hello!  It's me...Sherri, Lauri's assistant.  I work quietly behind the scenes keeping an eye on her transactions to help bring them successfully to the closing table!  You might get a call or email from me from time to time when I need a document or information for your closing.  I also use my Interior Design background to help with home staging or new home build selections.  You know the home tours you take when looking for a new home?  I set up those appointments and map them for you...and occasionally I even get to show the homes!  I love the diversity of my job and the flexible hours that allow me to spend time with my grandbabies!  Happy house hunting!


About Kalua

Meet Kalua. She is a ball-chasing fanatic who loves sports and spending time with friends of all ages, especially if they like to feed her treats. A perfect day for Kalua includes going for a jog or playing ball, stopping by a food bowl, then rolling up for a nap on your lap. Kalua prefers not share her treats with other dogs, but gets along well with her sister (brandy).

Kalua fun fact:  Will consume any food


About Brandy

Brandy is our Executive Vice President of Sales.  Brandy is often brought into tough sales situations to close the deal and is known around the office as “The Closer”.  She enjoys battling moving hands and eating chicken fajitas.  On weekends you can often find Brandy basking in the sun out by the lake. 

Brandy fun fact:  Will not consume any food


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